What are the requirements for joining the pack?
There are three requirements:
1) It is imperative that all dogs are current on their shots. This includes rabies, distemper, and bordetella (kennel cough). Bordetella is mandatory in San Mateo County. If you are new to the area and have not yet chosen a new veterinarian, I will be happy to recommend a vet to you.
2) All dogs must have some kind of topical or injection type flea control to join our pack. Flea collars are not accepted.
3) All dogs over the age of 6 months MUST be spayed or neutered to walk with our pack. No exceptions. 

Do you walk un-social dogs?
Yes. Private walks are available for canines who are 'dog-aggressive'. Dogs must have a properly sized and sturdy body harness to ensure your dogs safety as well as other dogs that we may pass on the walk.  30 minute session only.

I have to work late, can you make 'after-hours' visits?
Absolutely! Visits needed before or after hours are available. Working late is a bummer because your dog is anxiously awaiting your return. When you can't be there, your dog will be fed, given an energetic walk, refill the water bowl, and leave a light on. Evening walks may be scheduled up to 8:00 p.m. After hours fees apply after 5 p.m.

Do you work on holidays?
Of course! I work on all holidays. An additional $25.00 fee is added to the service being requested. Please refer to the Legal Considerations for a list of holidays when the additional fee is applied.

I have a visiting dog staying with us. Can he/she be included on the walk? 
Yes. A profile sheet must be filled out and proof of vaccinations for any new dogs prior to the walk. The multi-pet household discount does not apply to visiting dogs of friends or family.

Are weekend rates higher?
Yes. For walks requested on either Saturday or Sunday, there is a premium added to the regular rate.  Does not apply to vacationing clients or cat care.  

What if it rains?
Rain won't slow us down, it just means more interesting smells! Raincoats are provided for dogs who do not already have one. Each dog is toweled off after the walk to ensure your pet is warm and dry.

Am I bound to a contract?
Absolutely not. Should you choose to discontinue service, please allow 48 hours notice. Final payment is due at the time of the last walk. Keys are not returned until payment is received.   

What forms of payment are accepted?
Cash, check or Paypal.

Do you board pets in your home?
Unfortunately, no. I do, however, offer overnight pet sitting in your home.

Could you please explain how the time of each session is broken down?
Of  course! Once your dog is leashed up, time starts. Time ends after your dog is brought back, water bowl refilled and notes are made in the journal.

What if my work schedule fluctuates each week and I'll need my dog walked on different days?
A group email is sent out each Saturday to clients who have rotating schedules. In order to remain flexible, please submit your dogs' walking schedule to me via email no later than 5 p.m .every Sunday.